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An Incredible Dana

I read a remarkable article in the magazine of Singapore Airlines on a recent flight about a Theravada Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka who donated part of his liver for a liver transplant operation and gave a kidney to another person in desperate need. Continue reading 

The Challenge of Self-Employment

I belong to the army of self employed – although I prefer non-self employed. In October, 2008, I gave a one day workshop at the Bodhi Garden in Brighton, Sussex, England on Right Livelihood and self employment.


Here are my notes for the workshop Continue reading 

A small incident – a larger truth

A small incident reveals a larger truth. Last month, a family connection, a 17 year-old, started her first job in the local Morrisons Supermarket, a major supermarket chain, in Totnes, Devon, UK. She worked in the cafeteria.

Continue reading 

Buddhafield – Dharmafield



I attended last week for the fourth year the annual Buddhafield Festival, near Taunton, Devon, UK, about an hour north of Totnes. Organised by the FWBO (Friends of the Western Buddhist Order), the festival shifted this year to a new nearby location to accommodate the growing interest in the festival. Numbers increased from 2000 to 3000 participants for the five day event. Continue reading 

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