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Consideration towards inner change includes:

1)      Awakening.  There can be experiences that suddenly transform our whole perception and priorities in a single moment or in certain period in our life.  From that moment, there is a turn around in our consciousness.  It leads to new values, new priorities and the generating of love and liberation in life. …


Cross-legged in front of the flat screen

I  have barely made any financial contribution to the Hollywood Film Industry. Between 1990 2010, I entered the doors of a cinema around five times. During these 20 years, I went on three of these occasions to see the feature film (movie) as an act of self-sacrifice, a modest one admittedly. My daughter, Nshorna, my Swedish partner at the time and my mother had persuaded me to go with them to the cinema. …

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One Good Deed Deserves a Fall

I am not an authority of the English winter. It is 44 years since I last spent a full winter in England without leaving the country for a warmer climate. I last experienced the full length of the winter in the UK in 1966. …

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Deep pockets of giving in Israel

A couple of years ago, I decided to cut back on the overseas travel. I reduced overseas travel by seven weeks. It was a simple initiative, namely to reduce travel from flying to four continents a year down to three continents. …

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