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Cross-legged in front of the flat screen

I  have barely made any financial contribution to the Hollywood Film Industry. Between 1990 2010, I entered the doors of a cinema around five times. During these 20 years, I went on three of these occasions to see the feature film (movie) as an act of self-sacrifice, a modest one admittedly. My daughter, Nshorna, my Swedish partner at the time and my mother had persuaded me to go with them to the cinema. Continue reading 

The Inner and Outer Link

In response to an Israeli citizen. In one part of her email, she wrote that I gave meditation an “unnecessary and wrong linkage to politics and unfortunately it is very naive to believe that you could go to one of our neighbouring countries and attempt to do the same thing there.” * Continue reading 

An Elderly Priest and an Elderly Monk on Sex

In December, one senior priest, Pope Benedict XV1, 81, and one senior monk, the Dalai Lama, 73, have made comments about sex – a subject wise angels fear to tread.

In his end of the year speech to the Vatican, the Pope warned against blurring the distinction between male and female and stated that it could lead to the “self-destruction” of the human race. The Pope criticised gender theory, a theory that explores sexual orientation. Continue reading 

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