Favourite Songs of Bob Dylan

In May 1966, my editor sent me to interview Bob Dylan in the Mayfair Hotel in London. There were about 15 reporters in the room. You can see a clip filmed in the hotel room in the Dylan documentary of the 1966 tour “Eat the Document” on You Tube. I still have the cutting in my scrapbook. I recall it wasn’t easy. …

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Think of Me – From Robert Hudson on Death Row, Texas

Here is one of Robert Hudson’s poems


When the night falls
and you feel sad and grim
feeling so lonely as
the night grows dim
think of me in my lonely cell
smiling as I dream about a
life from this certain hell:
of things that will never be
of places I will never see
to people I will never talk

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Do you want to start a ….

A friend, Patrick Cooper, has offered to rent to us for use for Dharma purposes a 10 bedroom house with around a couple of acres of land situated in Glasbury, just inside Wales, near Hay-on-Wye in Herefordshire. …

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Inquiry over a Cafe Latte

I make a daily yatra (pilgrimage) to the Barrel coffee shop in Totnes High Street, five minutes walk from my home here in south Devon I sit there and reflect, write, read, meet with friends, people watch as well as have a café latte. Last week, I gave a dharma talk with question and answers in the coffee shop on the theme of “What does it mean to wake up?” at the monthly evening meeting of Consciousness Café, chaired by Prof Max Velmans, author of Understanding Consciousness. The evening meeting provides a forum for discussion of issues central to our contemporary understanding of what it is to be human, embedded in a social and physical world – a format of a 25 minute talk followed by round table and open discussions and breaks for refreshments.

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