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Do you ever feel lonely as a teacher?”

Jack Kornfield asked me over lunch at the Spirit Rock Meditation Centre in Marin County (or is it More In County?) whether I ever felt lonely as a teacher. I suspected there was a sub-text to this question, as he asked me the same question three or four years ago. I replied: “I wish had the opportunity to experience aloneness while teaching.” Continue reading 

A Bow to the One-Liners

Here is a small selection of graffiti, car bumper stickers, one liners on the radio, the Net

and passed on from friends. They may not all be politically correct but they reveal a little of what a mad world we live in.


All I ask is a chance to prove that money can’t make me happy.

Beware of limbo dancers. Written on the bottom of the toilet door in a women’s public toilet. Continue reading 


The next dharma e-news comes out in early August. I have written 21 tips, plus a PS (remember Anicca – Impermanence etc) to remember in an intimate relationship. The tips are glaringly obvious but small reminders won’t do us any harm.

I have been reflecting a little on my love life over the past 30 years. Roughly, I have been in a relationship more of this time than not in one. I have spent years and years exploring the synthesis of the role of partner and role of spiritual teacher. I don’t even call myself a spiritual teacher, but you know what I mean. Continue reading 

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