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Mobile phone zombies occupy our streets. Their heads stare down into their device held with both hands or with the phone pressed to the ear. Continue reading 

Dialogue with Lubna, a Palestinian journalist and activist, with Israelis and Christopher. Held in Agents of Change course. April 2018.

Sunday 19.00. A glitch in audio. As soon as resolved will upload.

Thank you.

I received this message from a friend, Marie who lives in Australia.

Dear Christopher
I listened to Lubna’s amazing contribution to the Agents of Change course in Israel
Thanks for sharing it on archive. Her voice is one many could learn from.
Love, Marie

Listen to this Podcast. Lubna. a Palestinian activitist, journalist and organiser, speaks to Israelis about the Occupation and her view of Israel.

Lubna and Christopher sat together, exchanged views and responded to questions and concerns from participants. Lubna addressed anger, denial, the challenge of communication between Israelis and Palestinians and more.

Held at Ein dor in northern Israel. April 2018.

Dialogue took place during the Agents of Change 28 day residential course for 55 Israelis including 16 participants from Germany and four from other countries.

Audio is available on

Worth a listen.



(Agents of Change Organiser.

We are impressionable. Such a blessing. Such a challenge. Freedom through seeing the Emptiness of I and My. Transcription of Part Four of Four Inter-Active Modules. Q and A.

On Sunday 12 March 2018, I had an interactive hour on screen with participants worldwide.

Organised by Realize Media (, this course consists of a deep exploration of the Goal of Dharma/spiritual practice. Continue reading 

Calais at the Crossroads. An Insightful Essay. Artwork. On the Plight of Refugees and our Response.

Do make time to read this insightful and poignant essay CALAIS AT THE CROSSROADS. Robert Norris and Joe Peloquin offer us a statement of concern for the plight of millions of refugees. The essay includes artwork.

Starting with a quote from Anne Frank, who died under Nazi occupation, the opening paragraph reads; Continue reading 

Letting Go and more. Four filmed Dharma teachings. Each one lasting about four minutes.

Here are four clips of Dharma teachings.

Each one lasts for about four minutes.

Filmed for Realize Media by Amy in my front room at home in Totnes, Devon, England.

Module 1: Meeting Ajahn Buddhadasa and Letting Go of the Path

Module 1 Clip

Module 2: Four Truths of the Noble Ones

Module 2:  Clip

Module 3: Love – even in Hard Times

Module 3 Clip

Module 4: Emptiness

Module 4 Clip

From home page of Realize Media website:

RealizeMedia offers spiritual teachings and online courses with

renowned and respected teachers worldwide

using the best online technology and platforms to

bring wisdom, growth and freedom right to you.