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Welcome to the Corporate London Olympics starting July 26, 2012. Athletes, kids and adults all miss out.

Imagine what you could do with £9 billion. Provide sports teachers, sports class, equipment and fields for every poor school in the country? Provide widespread recreational and sports facilities for a whole range of interests?  Give programmes for children and adults to eat a healthy and nutritious diet? Set up programmes for young and old to spend more time outdoors for enjoyment, for exercise, for health. Continue reading 

The food industry makes war on our bodies. We live in the killing fields of sugar.

During the 1960’s, I weighed around 66 kilos and stood a shade under six feet (181 centimetres).  I wore vests (undershirts) and jumpers in a large size. Fifty years later, I weigh 70 kilos (154 pounds, 11 stone). I now wear vests and jumpers in small or medium size. Continue reading 

The issue is not corporate salaries and bonuses but obesity

The Buddha described greed as a poison of the mind. He tended to choose his words carefully. Poison is a substance that slowly or quickly takes away life. It destroys. It kills. Greed is poison. Continue reading 

Do we live under corporate rule?

Examples of Corporate Rule

  1. Corporations control our elected representatives through large donations. The corporate wealthy in the USA and elsewhere give substantial sums of money to their chosen political party. The government of the day then becomes subservient to their paymaster. Continue reading