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Tatiana Plakhova goes deep into cellular life to reveal our universality. A Two to Five minute meditation. Life is Art….

The fusion of  visual Art with sound, the weaving of Tantra, a Meditation on the Insubstantiality of the self, a contemplative Science, a Geological formation, the web of Cultural Patterns, a Mathematical harmony …. Continue reading 

Homo Deus. A Brief History of Tomorrow. By Yuval Noah Harari. A Critique.

To put it crudely to get the point across. Homo Deus primarily offers readers a Silicon Valley view of the future of humanity. Continue reading 

I was born a year after George Harrison, the Beatle.  In the 1960’s in Britain, fans of the Beatles often asked each other “Who is your favourite Beatle?” My favourite Beatle was George – years before he went to India. George died from cancer on November 29, 2001.  Here is a poem to George.  Continue reading