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40 Songs for Inspiration and Insight

A beautiful Israeli friend, artist and dedicated to Buddhist meditation,  invited me to pick some inspirational songs as she recently had started work as a DJ on a radio station.  I looked through my CDs and made a list to send to her. Continue reading 

Thank you for Living in the Tower of Song

I once heard Leonard Cohen, the much heralded Canadian singer, tagged as the “godfather of gloom” with his musical leanings towards melancholy, anguish and loss of love. It seemed rather harsh. Continue reading 

The Making of a Dharma Book

I am currently in the process of writing a book, rather long and hopefully substantial, after five years break from book writing – although I haven’t stopped writing articles and poems. The theme of the book concerns the application of the dharma in the West. Continue reading 

The Reader and the Read

Truth in Dharma does not focus around a set of views or beliefs. Truth emerges out of the process of events making an impact on our perceptions, experiences and insights. Truth touches us and contributes directly to waking us up. We see what we didn’t’ see before. Continue reading 

Angelic Voice of Anthony who loves a Matriarchy

The angelic voice of Antony Hegarty of Anthony and the Johnsons, a six piece band, pervaded the lovely red seated Symphony Hall in Birmingham last Friday night finding its way deep into our consciousness transporting us into a realm of heavenly delights, far beyond what we had anticipated. Continue reading