Carrie Tree – a singer/songwriter shares her personal, spiritual and environmental concerns. A new album is flowering. Do support.

I received a lovely birthday present a couple of years ago from Dora in Brighton, England. She gave me a copy of a music CD, Home to the Invisible, of Carrie Tree from Sussex in southern England.

I have played Carrie’s music regularly at home in Totnes, Devon, England, as well as on the road.  She is an enchanting singer with a depth to her lyrics that reveal her personal, spiritual, social and environmental concerns.

Carrie, her guitar and fellow musicians offer gigs in houses, clubs and various venues in Britain and other parts of the world.

I had the opportunity to attend one of her heavenly gigs last month with a Totnes friend in the Manor House in Berry Pomeroy, a couple of miles outside Totnes.

We sat in a large room filled with people sitting on sofas, cushions and soft lights with an open fire in the 17th century mansion. Beautiful. Culture at its best.

She sang one her songs called Human Kindness, inspired by a man from Syria she talked with living in the camp for refugees at Calais, France, where she spent time to give support to those who had fled war zones.

Human Kindness

“…they call me a migrant, they call me a thief,

they call me a beggar man, an asylum seeker,

I was once a teacher, I was once a family man,

I was once a dreamer a community leader…

Home is where peace can come from”

 “We know just what to do…

we’re holding heaven in the palm of our hands,

please stand clear and strong,

follow your heart song”

Carrie is preparing her latest independent album. I hope you will give support to it.  You can pre-order it on Indiegogo below and join her on a musical journey.

Her growing fans are giving her support with the wish to raise £11,000 to put the album together and promote. So far, 129 people have donated.

Carrie tells me it is an enornmous challenge for her to reach out with her music and promote her songs.

Listen to Carrie on Youtube

Carrie and I have been in email contact. She wrote to me in her preciously poetic way about her new songs.

“When I needed their message my heart bursts open to receive them.

“They feel like living beings somehow and I long to clothe them in delicate soundscapes, beautiful instruments, and musicians from around the world.

“Reaching out with my dream like this has been scary and daily calls on all of me to tune into gratitude, presence and surrender.

 I am doing it because I see how much music can touch hearts. I feel an alive passion to play and share it. It has been such a strong teacher and holds me accountable to my deepest heart song.”

Do support and pass the word on about Carrie Tree. She has a quiet power to uplift the soul.


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