Brexit. UK needs a Coup. A British kind of Coup. A Soft Coup. To Overthrow the Government

There is no point in sitting on the fence and complaining. We must make a proposal for real change to resolve the Brexit nightmare.

Thanks to Brexit, Britain is in a political, democratic and constitutional crisis. Crisis has become an English understatement.

We have become a country of unwilling lemmings rushing the edge of the cliff of Brexit without a deal as our inept government tries to force Parliament to accept its utterly unacceptable Brexit deal or depart from the EU with no deal.

We can fall over the cliff on 23.00 on 29 March 2019 – deadline day to leave the EU.

No Deal Brexit means a daily nightmare in the months or years ahead. We will have to pay import charges for much of our food, medicine and vital parts for our industries from EU countries. EU countries will make import charges for goods imported from the UK.

Numerous businesses will move out of the UK and to EU countries. Prices of necessary household items would rocket due to import and export tarriffs. Britain’s 12 million poor would pay the price.

The powerful Far Right in Parliament, which is the most influential wing of the Conservative Party, doesn’t care. A withdrawal without a Brexit agreement won’t affect their lifestyle. Our submissive media refuses to describe the Brexit policies of the Far Right as the policies of the Far Right.

Parliament needs to overthrow Prime Minister Theresa May and her government. The British government is not fit for purpose. A non-violent coup, of course.

Parliament needs to run the country not the government

I sat and watched on television for a couple of hours the speeches and addresses during the Brexit debate. The government lost the Brexit vote by 230 votes. That was the biggest Parliamentary defeat in the history of the UK. An honourable Prime Minister and Government would have resigned. Not our Prime Minister. She clings onto power like an addicted alcoholic clings onto alcohol because such an alcoholic cannot face an alternative.

Headline of the main serious Sunday newspaper (20 January 2019) today says: “May in Meltdown.”

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader, desperately wants her job. He is a politician, not a statesman. He wants a general election, but Parliament doesn’t want one. Parliament said they had confidence in the government a day after they showed categorically no confidence in the government’s Brexit deal. Psychiatrists would surely diagnose Parliament in a schizophrenic condition.

Democracy? Rule of the majority in Parliament? No chance of that.The two main political parties find themselves far too fragmented in their views. Our 650 Members of Parliament find themselves trying to settle for some of the following choices.

In alphabetical order:

  • Back Stop Brexit *1
  • Canadian Style Brexit *2
  • Customs Union Brexit *3
  • Far Right Brexit
  • General Election
  • Hard Brexit
  • Leave the EU
  • No Backstop Brexit
  • No Deal Brexit,
  • Norway Option Brexit *4
  • Norway Plus Brexit *5
  • Referendum *6
  • Remain in the EU
  • Scotland could hold a referendum in the future to leave the UK and apply to join the EU.
  • Soft Brexit
  • Suspend Article 50, the mechanism to leave the EU.
  • Theresa May Brexit,
  • And possibly Humpty Dumpty Brexit.

 *1 Backstop means to avoid  a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland with Northern Ireland staying in Customs Union until trade agreements reached. Backstop would leave rest of UK in a different agreement. Northern Ireland DUP politicians would never agree to that if Backstop was introduced.

*2 Canadian Style. Seven years of negotiation between Canada and EU to end 99% of custom duties. No all products are covered.

*3. Customs Union is agreement not to impose taxes on import of each other’s goods, but to impose taxes on goods from other countries outside the EU.

*4 Norway option provides full access to the EU market, follows EU rules, including free movement of people, goods, services and capital. Option has no say in EU rules but UK would retain a certain sovereignty.

*5 Norway Plus means also keeping Northern Ireland and Ireland border open.

*6. EU Referendum. This would be a second vote of UK citizens whether to stay in the EU or leave the EU. Main reason for a second vote: Public are now better informed about staying or leaving the EU than in the first referendum.

On a personal note

I have a lukewarm preference to stay in the EU, so the UK campaigns to change the EU from its current bureaucracy of alienation from national crisis in member state countries and global crisis.  If not possible to remain, then I would like the country to adopt the softest of soft Brexit to stay close to the EU, so the English Far Right of the Conservative Party do not run the country.

The EU, including the UK, must take much responsibility for the rise of the Far Right parties  due to the financial exploitation of poor nations in the EU, neglect of the poor, endless unemployment, divisive immigration policies, weakening of social services and the dissipation of communities in towns and rural environments

The EU and financial services frequently genuflect to the demands of major corporations, powerful lobbies and massive production of the arms industry. Fat-cat politicians of the left, right and centre in powerful European nations have simply not done enough to support poor citizens, address religious/cultural divisions, recognise the needs of refugees, address environmental destruction, locally and globally.

Much of the EU and NATO have supported the waging war on Arab nations and selling weapons to armies in Africa’s civil and regional wars.

EU must take much responsibility for creating the conditions for the flight of refugees from their homeland. A  groundswell of anger in Europe influences much political thought. Compassion has become a dirty word among the angry politicians. A coup is not so far-fetched. There are plenty of mutterings in and outside Parliament. It could become a shout, a campaign and then lead to the dissolution of the PM and her Government.

What Kind of Coup?

  • First sack the government. That means no government.
  • Parliament will take control over Brexit completely.
  • Parliament will take control over all legislation and business.
  • There are no party whips to force their members to vote for their respective party.
  • Dissolve party politics due to numerous inner conflicts within the main two parties.
  • That means no Conservative Party and no Labour Party.
  • Members of Parliament sit anywhere they like in the chamber.
  • They form into groups and come to written agreements on Brexit.
  • Politicians stating what they approve not what they won’t accept.
  • Suspend Britain’s departure from the EU for 100 days.
  • If there is still not a majority to decide or no consensus on Brexit within 100 days, then Parliament votes either to stay in the EU, have an election or referendum.

It is time for a coup. A British coup. A soft coup.







2 thoughts on “Brexit. UK needs a Coup. A British kind of Coup. A Soft Coup. To Overthrow the Government”

  1. Laurence Mather

    How are the the Labour and conservative parties going to the idea that they should let go of the fixed identities? They have to see through self-view, I-making, personality-belief, before that happens?

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