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The Wonder of Dreams. Eight common dreams…

Dreams confirm the wonder and mystery of phenomenal existence,  a statement the emergence of the unintended, the unthought out. Dreams crystallize in consciousness with exceptional possibility for insight and understanding of our waking state. Continue reading 

Desire gets in the way of making love

I attended this month for the sixth year at the kind invitation of Triratna, formerly known as the FWBO – Friends of the Western Buddhist Order – in its past life, the annual Buddhafield Festival, held near Taunton,  80 minutes up the railway line from Totnes in south Devon, England. Around 2500 adults and children attend the festival. Continue reading 

France bans the burqa. Why stop there?

This month, the French National Assembly has passed a vote by 335 votes for and one against to ban the burqa, the black veil used to  cover the face by a small number of women in the country’s Muslim community. The Upper Chamber in France will take the final vote in September. Continue reading