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Restrictions on Israeli citizens visits to India

Last year, the Indian government issued a ruling that Israeli citizens, must stay out of India for a minimum of six months before applying for a visa to return to India. The decision triggered lots of speculation as to the motives in the Ministry for Home Affairs and the Ministry for Tourism in New Delhi. No one has seen any official statement as the reasons for this decision that currently only applies to Israeli citizens.

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Theravada and the Therapeutic

I engaged in some wishful thinking in a 10,000 word article I wrote for the last Dharma e-News titled “Is Psychotherapy a distant cousin of the Dharma.”

I wrote: “The concept of ‘Therapy’ derives from ‘Theravada.”

I should have written “The concept of ‘Therapy’ does not derive from ‘Theravada.

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Violence in England

A small group, Peace and Wisdom Studies, has established itself at the Bodhi Garden in Brighton, Sussex, England, under the wing of Chris Dornley, a senior in the Dharma. He kindly invited me to speak at the Bodh Garden with the title for the evening

I gave a talk on WHY ARE WE SUCH A VIOLENT NATION?- with questions and answers and small group discussions on the theme. Continue reading 

Meditate, Meditate

Year by year, meditation gains more street credibility.

I noticed two examples of this in the last week. Nshorna, my daughter, who lives in nearby Torquay, suggested that I become a ‘named’ driver on her insurance policy. I had to fill out the usual details for the policy, name, address, age, any driving convictions and so on. (I renounced car ownership eight years ago). One of the questions asked my occupation. I typed on the screen “teacher.” Continue reading 

Theravada and Tantra

Someone told me that I have joined the masses of names on Wikipaedia, the online encyclopaedia. Despite all the years of exploration and teaching of ‘non-self,’ I still find a certain interest in the name Christopher Titmuss. I looked at ‘my’ name on Wikipaedia. I smiled in its description of me as a Theravada tutor. I am not even a Buddhist let alone a Theravada teacher. I am a small servant of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. When I have nothing else to do, I will make one or two modest changes in the text – for the sake of accuracy. I look slightly mad in the photo taken while in full flow in giving a teaching at the Buddhafield Festival. Who am I to dispute appearances? Continue reading 

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