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At the foot of Arunachala …

Tiruvannamalai. On the edge of this modest sized Indian town in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India, about five hours on the local bus from Chennai, stands the renowned ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi, the much loved teacher of Liberation, who has been adopted as the patron saint by the Western Advaita (non-dual) tradition, even though the saintly Ramana never referred himself as belonging to the Advaita tradition and dismissed advaita and vaita as relative concepts. Continue reading 

A Proposed Inauguration Address for President-elect Barack Obama

A couple of weeks ago,  I  read on line the inauguration speeches of about 10 US Presidents.  George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and F.D. Roosevelt gave insightful, honest and concentrated statements of their vision.  Other inauguration addresses consisted of swathes of rhetoric, a litany of platitudes, instantly forgettable – sometimes reminding me of the Peter Sellers film “Being There.” Continue reading 

An Elderly Priest and an Elderly Monk on Sex

In December, one senior priest, Pope Benedict XV1, 81, and one senior monk, the Dalai Lama, 73, have made comments about sex – a subject wise angels fear to tread.

In his end of the year speech to the Vatican, the Pope warned against blurring the distinction between male and female and stated that it could lead to the “self-destruction” of the human race. The Pope criticised gender theory, a theory that explores sexual orientation. Continue reading 

He’s no longer here

Read this report of the UN Climate Talks in Poland earlier this month. It doesn’t need any comment.

“At the UN climate talks in Poznan, Poland, no farewell tears were shed for George Bush, whose rejection of the landmark Kyoto Protocol in 2001 almost destroyed multilateral efforts to roll back global warming. Continue reading