Are You Ready to Develop Mindfulness to become an Agent of Change?

Explore the basics of mindfulness practice to deepen and expand the application of mindfulness. A mindfulness training offers practical ongoing benefits for those dealing with stress and the associated challenges of daily life.


What do well established mindfulness teachings/practices offer that are not widely available in areas of medication and psychotherapy?

Contemporary Western Mindfulness offers five primary benefits.

1.       Practical tools, methods and exercises to reduce stress in daily life

2.      Contact with like-minded. The teachings of mindfulness take place in small groups. This provides the opportunity to listen to the experience of others, learn from others and share experiences.

3.      Many mindfulness teachers offer the practices in the spirit of leadership/friendship, often sharing their experiences. Many mindfulness teachers prefer this mode of being rather than speaking as a detached professional.

4.      You can explore daily practices anywhere, so you do not have to sit every day at home and meditate. Mindfulness practices can take place on the bus to work, sitting at the kitchen table, on the park bench and on the pew in the church or cathedral.

5.      The practices include sitting, walking, standing, reclining, eating, listening, speaking/public speaking, outdoors/indoors and our activities in the world.

Benefits of mindfulness practice can last until nature squeezes the last breath out of our body.

Time to Expand the World of Mindfulness

We offer a zoom training in the above five areas and much more. Our 12-month Mindfulness Teacher Training Course (MTTC) grounds the practitioner in the basics, as a preparation for further depth and expanse during the course. MTTC provides teachings/practices to generate Agents of Change to benefit a world beset with major personal, social and global issues.

I began giving mindfulness training courses in 2011 and in 2017 offered 12-month long teacher training courses. Every year, I looked at ways of expanding the teachings and practices with a constant evolution.

There is also an opportunity for participants to meet in person with two four days session in Germany and England.

For our 12-month starting in October 2023, we engaged in significant developments for the course. Nshorna and I redesigned the course structure, applied for and received professional international certification (CPD) for the MTTC. We wrote a detailed lesson programme and set up a training in safeguards for mindfulness teachers and their sessions.

We now offer one module of a six-month mindfulness training course and a second module focuses on practice and teaching. The role of the teacher starts in the first month of the second module with MTTC students giving short talks, guided meditations and Q&A to other students. A practitioner can attend the first module of the Mindfulness Training Course (MTC) or both modules for the teaching training.

You can decided in the last month of the first module if you wish to attend the second module

Nshorna and I will draw upon the experiences and areas of knowledge/roles/work skills of the participants, whether employed or self-employed. For example, the practices benefit children in the classroom, yoga session, psychotherapy consultations and those who work in the office, factory, shop, school, hospital and more in the private and public sector.

Our teachings include application to secular, spiritual and religious experiences for people of science and people of faith

We set the ceiling of numbers of participants to around 50 when we announced the MTTC last month (April 2023). It is currently half full.

And the cost?

We request a registration payment along with filling in the registration form. Once you have paid for the registration for the first module or both, we will make a short appeal during the year for donations to cover ongoing administrative costs and our daily life expenses.

A year long training offers an expansive exploration with greater depth. More people feel ready for this kind of challenge.

MTC and MTTC include participants from a range of countries worldwide. You will learn a lot from each other and develop precious friendships.

Final Words

Do look at our website

We placed plenty of information on the website, including themes for the month and a Question-and-Answer page.

Email us if you have further questions.


Christopher and Nshorna

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