Anja from Germany wrote a response on my Facebook page to the pro and anti jabbers. Several fine points. Last paragraph deserves a wide audience.

This is the full comment from Anja on my Facebook Friends page

“I can understand that people are afraid of Corona and of sickness. I can also understand that people are scared that the virus is being used to implement laws that cut us off our freedom and of democracy.

The German President said last year that now it is possible to make laws that we never ever could do before. Most of them are about softening the protection of our privacy and increasing control.

Both sides need to be addressed.

The internet gets censored. Factcheckers that are payed by Big Pharma, Bill Gates and Soros are busy on Facebook for example. Critical voices hit delegates or blocked. In Germany, if you are critical, a normal critical person but with many listens it can happen that your bank account is deleted. Where should they express their feelings??? The street is the last place that is left.

I think one reason why the people ask for freedom also and equal rights is that at the G7 meeting in England, the politicians all met without following any rules. No masks, no social distancing. Enjoying their day. For the soccer finals the VIP guests are excluded from the quarantine rules. What kind of virus is that, that accepts this???

In Germany, it is not a problem that masses are waiting in front of the vaccination centre, no social distancing, some without a mask. It is ok that there is a demonstration for gender, soccer celebrations but if someone is critical he is anti-social and dangerous.

My friend in Delhi got Corona, badly.  He got cured with Ivermectin. Still the WHO tries to tell us this is not working. Lawyers from India excused the WHO to be responsible for a lot of death because of that. The President of Madagascar turned away from the WHO, saying they are not accepting that his country found a cure. They want to dictate what works.

There are so many angles we need to look from.

30 million extra people died because of starving due to lock downs. Suicide in teenagers increased by 50% in the US. Child murder increased in Germany.

I think we need understanding, compassion and care in all directions. And we, or better more diverse experts need to be able to come together and to discuss creative ways to find solutions for different needs.”

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