An Invitation to Sign up and Support the Sangsurya Retreat Centre, outside Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.

I am inviting our Sangha. along with meditators and mindfulness practitioners in Australia and worldwide to sign up and become a supporter of the Sangsurya Retreat Centre, just outside Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia.

Sangsurya has offered every year a wonderful range of retreats in insight meditation, yoga and more amidst beautiful nature, tropical birds and a variety of creatures walking on the Earth.

Sangsurya also serves also as a home for countless expressions of art from all over Asia. The art comes from garage sales, car boot sales, auctions, E-bay and elsewhere. The Centre could offer conducted tours of the meeting of subtropical nature, creatures, paintings, statues, classical furniture and spiritual teachings/practices.

Teachers and practitioners love the Centre. Radha Nicholson, a senior Dharma teacher in Australia, and I taught together there on an annual basis for several years. Samantha Coker-Godson and I teach there in recent years.. We offer the Dharma in a corner of the Garden of Eden. Subhana, Will James and other senior Dharma teachers also have deep connections with the Centre.

Please do sign up and become Sangsurya supporter. When you sign up, you will receive a letter with a number of options + links for ways to support Sangsurya.

It is worthwhile noting a wonderful initiative of Sangsurya. Sangsurya will provide the opportunity for Signature (fundraising) Retreats to offer to as many people as possible.

Radha told me “Sangsurya Retreat Centre has been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis due to severely reduced participant numbers and cancellations of retreats for most of 2020. This resulted in significant financial loss.”

This is the biggest financial challenge in Sangsurya’s 25-year history. It is going to take the concern and commitment of our community of practitioners to help turn this situation around.

Radha hopes that information about the appeal and news of these retreats will circulate broadly out from all networks within Australia and around the world.

Please click on the link below to sign up as a Sangsurya Supporter and find out more about helping by either:

  1. Make a donation of any amount
  2. Sharing the fundraising retreat video
  3. Become a volunteer

Radha said, “The increasing impact of stress in people’s daily lives, and the new challenges that so many of us are facing due to COVID-19, makes the protection and preservation of Sangsurya  more important than ever.

Sangsurya Trustees are Shirsha Marie, Steve Sagaro, Radha Nicholson and Will James. The trustees put out immense work to help ensure the Centre continues to offer his precious service.

Do pass the link on. Do contact the Centre. Trustees open to all sorts of fundraising initiatives, creative ways to support and more.



PS. Here is the link to the 2017 obituary of Tony, co-founder. The text shows the immense appreciation of teachers and practitioners for the Sangsurya retreats.

A Tribute to Tony Kruger of Sangsurya Retreat Centre, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

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