Addressing the Undeniable Truth. Zoom. 60 minute sessions. Six sessions in June 2023 with Christopher. Plus Words of Wisdom on Whats App.

The Buddha based his teachings (Dharma) on first-hand experience.
He shifts the priority away from faith – in a supreme deity, a founder, a sacred book or a tradition and after life. He adopted a provisional approach on faith in rebirth.
This principle runs through his teachings like wood through trees.
He offers precise and practical steps towards deeply beneficial experience rather than depend on faith and hope.

Starting in June 2023
Starting in June 2023, we will explore the teachings/practices, month by month. You will receive directly relating to your daily life experience, free from academic analysis.
You will receive online short talks on the monthly theme, guided meditations, sharing of experiences, question, and answers.
The practices remain a resource for years, decade ahead.
Co-host of this series is Todaa Bria- Healthy Mind, based in Israel. Michal in Israel and I have coordinated this series.

Registration to receive Zoom. €35.00 to cover administrative costs etc.

First session is free, a taster. You can give the registration charge after the first session.

You can register now if you wish. Paypal (you do not have to be a member), Stripe, bank transfer.

You can email me at if you have any questions.

Times and Dates

In this course, BSW offers six 60-minute sessions in the month.
Four Full Group meetings.
Time 20.00 – 21.00 Israel Times. 19.00 – 20.00 CET
Dates: Monday 5, 12, 19, 26 June 2023
Two Meetings with group split into 2 (for sharing experiences)
20.00 – 21.00 19.00 – 20.00 CET.
Thursday 15 June first name initial A – M
Thursday 22 June (N – Z)

Theme for June

The Buddha stated these four truths are common to humanity, not personal views.
1. There is suffering (unresolved issues, habits, emotions and views).
2. There are causes and conditions for suffering.
3. There is resolution of suffering.
4. There are ways to resolve suffering.

1. Why did the Buddha reject the view ‘life is suffering.’

2. What is the nature of suffering?

3. Where are our blind spots?
4. What conditions need to change to end problematic mind states?

5. Are we willing to speak openly about our experiences?
6. What is the relationship between moments of deep peace and liberation?
7. What features of the path do we concentrate on for a liberating wisdom?

To join the Buddha Wisdom Series

Registration is €35.00 per month outside Israel with two requests for dana (donation) during the month.

1. You register for the month with transfer of €35.00

2. For payment: (different options available)

3. You can join the Series at any time.

Two Themes for June 2023

If there is a response to the theme for June, then I will take up another theme in July. The teachings and practices will relate directly to your daily life experience, free from academic analysis.

You will receive online short talks on the monthly theme, guided meditations, sharing of experiences, engage in question and answers.

Within months, you will know and explore a range of practices/tools to give you support in daily life in the present and years to come.

If there is interest, we will continue the series month by month. The primary purpose of the series is to support daily life for participants.

We record the sessions.

You can listen to if you miss the session on Google drive.

Whats App

I received an encouragement to write three to five lines a few times a week on Whats App. The name of the Whats App is Words of Wisdom.  A few words can touch the spot making a contribution to clarity, inspiration and understanding.

Five days a week (Tuesday to Sunday) a Whats App message will start on Friday 19 May 2023. Words of Wisdom will continue through June. If you show interest, then words of wisdom will continue into July and beyond.


  • Be still as the Buddha image. Be still as the silence deep in the night. Be still as the mobile phone on the table before you switch it on. Feel this stillness.
  • Are you digging your grave with a knife and fork? Did you feel the movement of energy move down your arm as you picked up the fork?
  • We live in a tiny realm with earth below, sky above and a narrow temperature range for survival. Yet consciousness does not confine itself to this realm. Set no limits on your life.
  • Daily acts of kindnesses  reveal our connection with the world. If we neglect this connection, we easily get preoccupied with ourselves. We share. We give. We benefit, too.
  • The bathroom and the kitchen have as much sacred significance as the meditation hall, the temple and the outreach of the outdoors.

We look forward to seeing you in the Buddha Wisdom Series.

A single insight can change a life.



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