A Shorts Summary of two Upcoming Political blogs. How to receive notification of a new blog

Dear Friends,

I am currently writing two political/social blogs to post in mid-February.

  1. There is the duality of the Majority and Minorities. This duality produces problems through construction of such an identity. The conservative minded have a fearful approach to ‘minorities.’ The liberal minded have a sympathetic approach to ‘minorities.’ Both views reinforce the duality of fear and sympathy. The outcome is conflict, possibly violent conflict.
  1. There are the current political upheavals in the USA. Millions view the present/future with concern/trepidation/fear. A corporate/military takeover of US democracy, political rights and freedom began on 20 January, 2017. An elite of billionaires and generals now decide US foreign and domestic policy. Millions hope that this political earthquake will bring about meaningful change one way or the other. Both views reinforce the duality of fear and hope. The outcome is conflict, possibly violent conflict.

Both future blogs will explore fresh ways in these two important areas of national and international life. Fear, sympathy and hope inhibit real change.

Please let me know of a theme that interests you. If possible, I will endeavour to offer a Dharma perspective.

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