A Reflection on the previous Blog on the Protests on Capitol Hill and Violence in the USA

In my previous blog, I wrote a 2000-word critique on the protests on Capitol Hill and violence in the USA. I put a link to my Facebook page, Twitter and Linkedin.

Around 60 comments/responses/reactions appeared on the Facebook page and elsewhere. The comments included helpful points of information, issues that had not occurred to me and just a few comments which came across reactive and on the attack.

I read carefully through the comments, took notes and did some research. I mentioned I would do this in a Facebook Comment. This critique now has an additional 700 words which puts more flesh on bones of the original critique.

There is no need to read again, of course. I have made as clear as possible that a wide range of causes and conditions trigger political issues. I regard it simplistic to say, for example, Trumpism, triggered current events in the USA.

In the additional text, I referred to white supremacists, QAnon, Trumpism, Washington DC, Hollywood, the police, violence, the two-party state, American values and more. I have a ‘history’ with protests so I added two paragraphs at the end of the critique on my background in political actions.

Starting in 2006, these weekly blogs include contributions to the public debate on contemporary issues. Buddhists/spiritual minded/meditators/mindfulness practitioners and teachers have a contribution to make rather than remain detached from such events.

Evolution provided us with two ears and two eyes. We could say one ear or eye for acceptance and the other ear or eye for rejection. Clarity, equanimity and insight support meaningful change.

Thank you for your feedback.

Keep questioning. Keep reflecting. Keep a calm and fearless voice alive in this world.

Enough written. I am off to walk to nearby Totnes high street for a takeaway holy communion (oat latte).

I feel some small measure of Empathy for the Non-Violent Protesters on Capitol Hill, Washington DC last week

2 thoughts on “A Reflection on the previous Blog on the Protests on Capitol Hill and Violence in the USA”

  1. Good morning Christopher, I read and pretty much agree with your astute assessment of the good old USA. But as I come away from reading your critique I am still thinking that you have lumped the group that Trump assembled that day with the poor, marginalized and systemically cast aside and I really do not think the American citizens who traumatized DC that day are part of that group.I think they are relatively well of white folk who sincerely believe that America is on the wrong path and they spent good money to travel to a very expensive City and stayed in hotels and Air B/B and took took planes and personal vehicles to get there. It’s just that I feel that they should not be cloaked in a shield of right thinking. They were there there to protest/ and some with violence that they are against any change that would threaten their white privileged status.
    This is the first time I have ever responded to the millions of things I have read.
    Thank you

  2. Thanks, Christopher. It’s nice to hear from you on Twitter cos I am not on Facebook. I appreciate your insights and thoughtful views. Incidentally, glad to hear you are – like myself – enjoying the old oat milk, but surely you should be drinking Flat Whites in order to keep up with the “kids”. Also has the benefit of being a double shot 🙂 Happy New Year!

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