A book rich in imagery for Jewish People with Dementia

Greetings from Ein dor, northern Israel.

Eliezer Sobel, a Dharma friend since 1989, has brought out a new book L’Chaim! Pictures to Evoke Memories of Jewish Life – rich in pictures for people  to enjoy in the Jewish community with dementia.  A beautiful offering.

About 20 years ago, Eliezer and I travelled in India together.  We have kept in email contact over the years. He lives with his wife in New Jersey, USA. His parents have been married for 70 years. Eliezer and his wife lived with his parents for 10 months, both with severe forms of dementia, while they set up a live-in care system, and then the son and daughter-in-law of the elderly couple moved to a house nearby.

This beautiful and unique book can bring joy to Jewish people with dementia.

Eliezer wrote: “Long after my mother had seemingly lost all of her language skills to Alzheimer’s disease, I happened upon her leafing through a magazine, looking at pictures and reading the headlines aloud. ‘Mom can still read!’ I thought, and vainly went in search of a simple picture book designed for people with dementia.”

The National Alzheimer’s Association told Elizier that there are over 20,000 books for caregivers of people with memory loss, but virtually none for the actual patient. Until now:

 L’Chaim! Pictures to Evoke Memories of Jewish Life is specifically geared for Jewish dementia patients, containing beautiful imagery unique to Jewish life, with short captions in big print, requiring no memory to enjoy!

This offering intends to evoke memories, stimulate stories and conversation, and provide people with tender moments of joy and connection with their loved ones.

Eliezer Sobel is the author of six books, including Blue Sky, White Clouds, a picture book for all people with memory-loss.


Price: $17.95

ISBN 978-1-907937-44-0

It would be lovely to see the book in Hebrew. Please forward this message to any publishers you may know in Israel. Thank you. Christopher


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