A 75-minute Video Interview with Christopher. From Mindfulness to Calm-Insight (Samatha-Vipassana) Meditation to Emptiness. Transcribed into French.

Ludovic (Fontaine) in Paris kindly invited me to contribute to his series of interviews called NeverMind. We had a recorded Zoom meeting. He asked me a range of questions on mindfulness, samatha-vipasana (calm and insight meditations), emptiness and other themes.

The interview was translated into French with text at the bottom of the screen. Ludovic interviewed me in November 2022.

There are numberless themes to explore in the world of mind/body/spirituality. Titled in the series Buddhist Wisdom for Awakening, the interview lasts for 75 minutes. Ludovic has a final question he asks all those he interviews. “Is there a question I did not ask. ” I said, “Yes. On Love.” I then spoke briefly on the importance of various kinds of love in the human experience.

Here is the link to the interview. Click on yellow point on timeline to start at beginning of video.

NeverMind is a series of interviews on meditation, spirituality and other contemplative arts and sciences in which the floor is given to people who transmit the wisdoms of authentic spiritual traditions. Majority of the interviews are in French; some are in English and concern the Buddha’s teachings/Buddhist tradition.

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