70th Birthday. A Poem for April 22, 2014

Ah, I know now that I cannot die young,

the locks of white fill the place once so dark

I was once so young and I changed my name,

nothing lasts long and nothing stays the same.


I can only live to fill a life time,

the music starts to play another song,

the party still goes on, the friends do grow,

as spring and summer, autumn, winter show.


A solitude fills the day and the night,

A few odd crumbs lie around winter’s mind,

I know now where the passing years all went,

inquiry, laughter, love and time well spent.


Fulfilled my dreams, I had my sleep. The deep

is close, I sit and see, my thoughts do wane,

the sparks have come and lit short joy delight,

express in ways to share, and then to write.


Mindful, this rest – to start the last hurrah,

we smile and laugh, as friends, and dharma long,

the hugs mean much,  even if glow does fade,

we look around to see what love has made.


The stroll of change, an age that fills the air,

of dana, books, music, cards and candles,

events unfold before impending blast,

I can only state that the truth will last.







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