Capitalism expresses a shorthand for wealthy and powerful capitalists engaged in the relentless pursuit of profit and power):

  1. Advocates endless consumption
  2. Allows conservative, neo-liberals and left-leaning voters to shuffle furniture around while Titanic sinks
  3. Believes it is a Utopian ideal to end war so corporations can sell $$$$$billions of weapons to countries worldwide
  4. Believes only business knows how to run public institutions
  5. Believes only three things really matter – production, consumption and profit.
  6. Blames time to time a corrupt individual or business rather than the corrupt system
  7. Builds areas to house the poor, the middle classes and the rich to maintain the class system
  8. Claims as elitism or an expression of the nanny state for any criticism of smoking, unhealthy food and expenditure on luxuries
  9. Campaigns to destroy green economies, sustainability, social-environmental justice and other alternatives to capitalism
  10. Converts children and adults into head facing down zombies using a mobile phone at home and on our streets
  11. Corrupts artists and the arts into money making spectacles
  12. Demands superficial values, conformity and submission – in the name of freedom
  13. Dismisses value of health to support the harmful practices of the meat, dairy and GM industry
  14. Employs trade, through globalisation, to exploit poor nations
  15. Displays little concern for the environmental crisis, depletion of resources and survival prospects for future generations.
  16. Elevates royalty, corporations, oligarchies, billionaires and millionaires to dominate the thoughts of citizens
  17. Enables servility to notion of living in the real world. Hard truth reveals much of society has a programmed mind to support capitalism
  18. Encourages selfie-help, selfie-compassion, selfie-improvement, selfie-mindfulness and the supremacy of selfie-interest.
  19. Encourages personal debt, which contribute to stress, anxiety and suicidal thoughts
  20. Fills the dreams of citizens with the American dream of obsession around money
  21. Fills the mind of people of all ages with pointless information to keep them occupied
  22. Isolates the young from each other, energetic play and outdoor enjoyment
  23. Keeps children and teenagers desk-bound with threats of punishment or prescription drugs if they do not conform.
  24. Keeps society subdued so banality rules daily life
  25. Makes citizens pay through taxes for the crashes of gamblers who run the banks and financial markets
  26. Monitors teachers/lecturers in all level of education so they conform to exam procedures and government/corporate demands
  27. Obsessed with infinite and limitless growth on planet of finite and limited resources
  28. Offers a life in the conditioned and programmed mind
  29. Offers a cultural and political impotence to make real changes
  30. Offers a sterility of interest to support people in need, animals and the environment.
  31. Offers a corrupt system of justice – one for the rich and one for the poor
  32. Offers apathy to social and global suffering
  33. Offers a controlled democracy, which elects spiritually, socially and culturally illiterate presidents and prime ministers
  34. Operates like a parasite hooking citizens into a world of success and failure
  35. Persuades society that money and status take priority in human existence
  36. Promotes the InterNet and the Dark Net to manipulate people’s desires
  37. Promotes addiction to  drugs, sugar, salt and fat and offers low fat food for further profit
  38. Promotes competition that sets people against people worldwide
  39. Promotes neuroscience to confine all mental/physical health problems to the individual.
  40. Promotes power, control and manipulation
  41. Promotes sport with its governing bodies generating massive profits for themselves through selling major fixtures
  42. Promotes the shallow and repetitive analysis of the media owned by oligarchies and neoliberals
  43. Promotes the buying and selling of sportsmen and  women in the same way as any other product
  44. Promotes superficial entertainment through the media and public performances
  45. Promotes television reality shows  – to humiliate poor families in conflict and exploit vulnerability,  such as the psychologically disturbed or those suffering with obesity
  46. Promotes talent shows to exploit individuals, rubbish them and show worst auditions ever
  47. Promotes the view that a chemical imbalance in the brain causes mind-body health problems
  48. Provides courses, coaches and therapists for businesses to keep the stressed out, traumatised and unhappy believing they must change themselves; nobody can do it for them
  49. Rejects unions, communities, tribes, gatherings, festivals – unless money can be made from such collectives
  50. Requires surveillance on the streets and social media to know as much as possible about behaviour and location of citizens
  51. Sanctions science to proclaim sub-atomic particles, atomisation and DNA as the basis of true reality to support a selfie-world
  52. Sees people as customers and to convert all nations into customers under the influence of corporations and submissive governments
  53. States that depression is a personal problem due to brain chemistry and family history
  54. Supports class power and privilege
  55. Supports short term jobs, poor working conditions and low wages with bosses receiving massive salaries and bonuses, even when corrupt
  56. Supports the totalitarianism of powerful international corporations
  57. Swallows smaller businesses so the hands of fewer people control society
  58. Targets the young, from babies to teenagers, to put pressure on parents to spend on goods
  59. Tells you that you have yourself to blame if you do not get rich
  60. Persuades you to buy  the next new product or latest gadget
  61. Treats the individual with medication, therapy, radiations and surgery
  62. Treats ethics, morality and religious sensitivities as impediments to profit
  63. Undermines national health service and social welfare as the nanny state
  64. Undermines alternative forms of health and healing to ensure control of the pharmaceutical industry
  65. Undermines and threatens unions, protest and whistle-blowers at every opportunity.
  66. Uses mobile phones, computers to track behaviour and movements of citizens to target sales
  67. Uses sexual attraction to promote goods
  68. Uses the internet for public surveillance, pornography and gambling to maximise profit
  69. Uses the police to break up demonstrations, limit protests and target minorities and refugees
  70. Upholds a system where half the population takes daily medication for every minor discomfort or major health issue.

Ps. Yes, we, the customers, have to take

some measure of responsibility

for this economic system.

Will write about the alternatives

to capitalism at a future date.


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  2. Craig Gowland

    Enjoyed the 70 points to read.
    I’ve Meditated and Prayed for 11 years now, about the same time in sobriety from Alcoholism.
    A strong Awareness has come into play in the last year about the danger of Capitalism.
    I try to spread the message of awareness and how Capitalism doesn’t pertain to reality.
    It’s difficult to watch humanity in the dark, knowing the deception works to disable the mind. The fear it’s power so entrenched.
    I always pursue a peaceful mind, find myself steadily moving towards truth.
    Thank you for sharing with…

  3. Indeed!

    To add:
    In fact a widespread capitalist practice is to promote addiction. Any addiction. An addicted customer is a dream customer of any seller. We live in an era of addictions. gadgets, bottled water, sex, new clothes… you name it. Anything can become an object of addiction.

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