I was born a year after George Harrison, the Beatle.  In the 1960’s in Britain, fans of the Beatles often asked each other “Who is your favourite Beatle?” My favourite Beatle was George – years before he went to India. George died from cancer on November 29, 2001.  Here is a poem to George. 

While our Guitar Gently Weeps

Life flows on without you,

we know the space between us

we didn’t want you to leave us

now our guitar gently weeps.


You had to leave us now,

it was not our wish somehow,

in this long, cold, lonely winter,

it seems like years since you’ve been here.


Something in the way life moves

touches us like no other wonder

something in the way life grooves

we don’t want to leave it now

you know we believe somehow.


Here comes  your son,

and we say he’s alright,

we didn’t want you  to leave him now,

it was not our wish somehow.


We glimpse the truth; you’re not so far away,

we talk about the love we all could share

while our peace of mind is waiting there

as life flows on without you.


Try to realise it’s all without yourself,

no one else can make us change,

we see we are all so very small,

and life flows on within and without you.


Oh sweet George

we really loved to see you,

we really loved to hear you,

It take so long, dear George, for you

to write but we will sing your song.


Here comes your son

and he’s alright.

while our guitar gently weeps.


(George Harrison. 25 February 1943 – 29 November 2001)


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  1. Jayant Bäckström

    Beautiful! And somewhat sad. Good to hear from your Blog, after a long pause..
    And, George Harrison is absolutely my favourite Beatle, who keeps giving lots of inspiration.

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