30 Spiritual Beliefs not fit for Human Consumption

  1. Abundance is your birth right
  2. Everything depends upon God’s will.
  3. Experience an ageless body and timeless mind
  4. Live a life of unconditional love.
  5. No one can change your life. Only you can.
  6. Only an Act of Grace changes your life
  7. Only your thoughts make you unhappy
  8. Separation is the greatest illusion
  9. The present moment is all you have
  10. The world belongs to you
  11. There is Cosmic Intelligence to know beyond your mind
  12. There is nothing to do, nowhere to go
  13. You are already perfect
  14. You are full of infinite universes
  15. You are one with everything.
  16. You are the master of your inner life
  17. You are the world
  18. You are your thoughts
  19. You can become whatever you want to become
  20. You can change the brain and body with thought alone
  21. You can create a new self
  22. You can know your True Self
  23. You create your own happiness. None can make you happy
  24. You create your own reality
  25. You must learn to forgive
  26. You must let go of everything
  27. You must surrender to the Master
  28. You will be confused if you follow another teacher or method
  29. Your attitude stops you from finding wealth and happiness
  30. Your choices determine your life

4 thoughts on “30 Spiritual Beliefs not fit for Human Consumption”

  1. This was posted in a discussion group I belong to and caused a lot of confusion. Do you mean these are too deep for humans to understand (consume)? Or that they are untrue?

    Several seem contrary to Buddhism and/or each other. Can you provide some context?

  2. I find this list problematic. Some of the items (e.e., #1, 2, 6, 27, 28 among others) are indeed truly toxic. Others (e.g., #12, 13, 15) are reflections or hints at ultimate truth that are perhaps unhelpful for beginners. Many of the items call for a nuanced interpretation and some context (e.g., #8, 9, 23).

  3. Laurence Mather

    Thanks Christopher, when you mentioned the unconditional-love meme it gave me a reason to reflect. Perhaps, this belief is poorly understood? I think we can love and be compassionate when we have done an unskilful action with an unskilful intention but this does not mean we excuse what we have done. I like the formulas: ‘acknowledge, forgive, learn’ and, ‘recognition, no blame, change’. I wonder if we are capable of love and goodwill without being complacent about the disgusting things that happen and, do our best to remedy injustice and needless suffering? This would be a manifestation of unconditional or unstoppable love IMO.

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