Sleep in nature for a night. 25 Items for Walking Pilgrimage, Yatra, Hiking, Camping. Join our Yatra (Covid-19 permitting) near Reutlingden, Germany in early August 2021

The outdoors offers an invitation. You may be blessed to have a garden. You may live near open countryside. You could sleep out for a night in the woods, a field or close to a river. Wake up to the dawn chorus. Experience the intimacy with life.

Sense an authentic reality rather than spend a life in a socially constructed ‘reality.’

Take a flask and a few snacks for breakfast. Love experiencing the new day. Return home refreshed. and ready for what the week brings.

Here is a list of 24 items. You might need all or most for a walking pilgrimage (yatra), hike or camping. You might need a few items for one night or weekend experience.

  1. Camera
  2. Cutlery, stove
  3. Eyeshades
  4. Good torch. Extra batteries.
  5. Hand cleanser
  6. Lipbalm
  7. Magnesium spray for aching limbs
  8. Mobile phone, two plugs, two leads.
  9. Pens and notebook
  10. Pillow case.
  11. Plaster for blisters
  12. Power bank for mobile phone
  13. Shoulder bag for water container
  14. Sleeping bag sheet .
  15. Sleeping bag. Good quality. Warm
  16. Spare pegs
  17. Sunblock
  18. Sunglasses
  19. Umbrella. Strong. For rain, wind and sun.
  20. Vaseline – to prevent blisters.
  21. Water container/flask (separate from phone, kindle etc)
  22. Waterproof, lightweight hooded raincoat
  23. Waterproof, lightweight raintrousers
  24. Wide brimmed summer hat.
  25. Woollen cap.

The wild and the creatures will welcome you as a guest.

PS. Join our Dharma Yatra (Teachings/Pilgrimage) in early August 2021 (Covid-19 permitting) near Reutlingden, southern Germany. Beautiful forests. Organic farms. Rural hospitality. Places for 60. About 50% of places registered. All are welcome. Young and old, vaccinated and non-vaccinated. Yatra includes talks, meditation, sharing and reflection. Participants dedicate themselves to mindfulness, appropriate social distancing etc for the welfare of one and all. Registration and donation to cover costs, plus donations for teachers



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