Dear Buddhist Commentators and Critics, First, please read mindfully the Buddha’s 10,000 discourses

Years ago, I recall writing an article comparing the Buddha’s teachings on becoming (bhava) and Darwin’s teachings on evolution.

I wrote a paragraph or two comparing Darwin’s ‘random selection of species’ and the Buddha’s teachings on dependent arising. …

Silence. Eight kinds of silence. 12 kinds of Noble Silence

There is silence and there is Noble Silence.

We pay respect to a Noble Silence, not of words, not of constructions of the mind and profoundly knowable.

We might imagine silence consists of a single element, which remains much the same. Like everything else, silence reveals itself according to the inner-circumstances. We can experience silence in a variety of ways. …

Darkness. A Poem by Lord Byron. Written in 1818. A poem for the foreboding we might sense.

In his own dark period, Lord Byron, the adventurous English romantic poet, wrote Darkness about the violence of men, war and the end of the world.

Byron left  England, travelled to Switzerland where he wrote the poem in 1818 with its despairing undertones about the state of humanity.  He spent  a nomadic and flamboyant life in continental Europe, especially in Mediterranean countries. He expressed his social/political concerns. He had a range of lovers both on the continent and in Britain. …

I HEAR YOUR VOICE. A Poem for those facing difficulties in their relationship


I hear your trumpet call on grassy slope,

you utter messages of loss of hope,

and blow up your issues to break the ties,

thus follows swollen red in burning eyes.


The Gods of Music have been struck down with mortality

The Gods of Music have nourished us decade after decade. They created their music and sung and played with such passion and love; some of their songs went deep into our being.

We listened with effortless ease. Their sounds and their words also triggered our energy until we moved. Perhaps a little of the body at first but then, at times, the whole body swayed to the music and finally to Dance. We rocked. They rocked. The Gods were loved on stage, enjoyed on Youtube, radio, MP3 players., TV, home and car sound systems. …

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