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Our compassion will not stop the massacre of US schoolchildren.

Yes, it is heartbreaking to read of the massacre of the 20 children and six teachers at the Sandy Hook School at Newtown, Connecticut, where  Adam Lanza, 20, pumped bullet after bullet into the vulnerable bodies of the children and teachers.  Political leaders and religious leaders,  Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslem alike  and civic leaders have rightly expressed their grief and offered their counsel.  Yes massacres take place elsewhere as well –  Norway, Scotland, Australia, Switzerland etc –  but 80 per cent of all massacres of children occur in the USA. Why? What are the major steps protect children and adults from the bullet? Continue reading 

An Experimental Life for Birds on a Wire in Hydra, Crete and Vientiane in the 1960’s

The period of Leonard Cohen’s time in the summer of 1960 in Hydra, the Greek island, has gained the status of Greek mythology in his creative career. After taking the five hour boat journey from Pireus,  the Athens port.  Leonard hung out in Hydra with a handful of other young artists and spiritual seekers, including Dr. Sheldon Cholst, a New York psychiatrist and poet, who experimented with marijuana, hash and LSD. It had cost Cholst his freedom in the UK where he spent 21 months in jail for being in possession.  Back in the USA, his friend, Timothy Leary, got a 30 year sentence for possession. Continue reading 

You never know who you might meet if you go for a walk in Israel….

I received ths lovely email from Asaf in Israel last week. Asaf is a consultant for our  and my advisor on Pali terms. Asaf gave me the OK to share it with readers of my blog and Facebook.The email read:

“I had a couple of hours with Naama (my wife) today and we decided to let go of coffee in favour of an on foot exploration of the forest next to our new Haifa home. Continue reading 

You do not have to be a prophet to know the ceasefire between Israel and Gaza is temporary.

The emotional and physical scars from the eight day bombardment this month will long linger on with the impoverished  Gazan citizens with 104 civilians killed – a third were children. Another 970 civilians were maimed or wounded including around a third of them children. Continue reading 

The world is changing. USA and Israel needs to wake up…..

The world has finally granted a birth certificate to the people of Palestine. It has been a long wait. At the end of a democratic vote, 138 nations at the general assembly voted to give the Palestinian authority a non-voting observer state status while only nine countries voted against with 41 abstentions. Continue reading