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THE MORE LOVING ONE – a precious reminder from W.H. Auden


I received this lovely email messsage:

“Your mention of how in a relationship, if one loves more than the other, please let me be the one who loves more supported me greatly in keep giving him love and attention.”

W.H.Auden, the poet,  reminds all of to wish to be the more loving one in  a relationship.

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Totnes, Costa Coffee and a Rocket Propelled Mortar


Costa Coffee, a British multinational,  boasts the biggest chain of shops in the UK with more than 1000 coffee shops in the country and hundreds more worldwide and, on average, a new coffee shop opening in Britain everyday. Unlike Starbucks, it also pays its full share of taxes in the UK. Continue reading 

OCCUPY! A Poem….

The Arab Spring showed the West a powerful form of street protest. Thousands upon thousands took to the streets in Arab nations and, instead of politely goiing back home in the afternoon, stayed on the streets day and night putting immense pressure on corrupt governments. These Arab citizens gave the inspiration to citizens in so-called Western democracies to to occupy the streets. Continue reading 

In his 2012 album, Leonard Cohen sings ‘he’s a lazy bastard living in a suit’ …..and more besides

From “Going Home,” the first track of his 2012 album Old Ideas

‘I love to speak with Leonard,

he’s a sportsman and a shepherd

he’s  a lazy bastard

living in a suit.’ Continue reading