Wisdom of Letting Go. Wisdom of Not Letting Go. With Christopher. 10 – 14 June 2024

8 am to 9 am CET. Organised by SanghaLive. We pick up a hot coal in the morning from the wood burner. Ouch, we let go immediately. No thought. No desire. Instant letting go.

The language of letting go has entered into the mind of the meditator.
It is often not a solution but an ambitious state of mind.


Authentic letting go reveals an outcome of understanding. We can tell ourselves on countless occasions, we should let go and we find its to no avail. The regular desire to let go shows we are not ready to let go.
We will explore features of letting go and what we need to develop.

Sessions will point the way to wise responses employing, at times, letting go in specific areas. Based on experiences and insights, the teachings are practical, down-to-earth and not theoretical.

Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators.

Sessions consist of a 30 minute guided meditation, short talk and Q&A.

8 am – 9 am CET, 7 am – 8 am GMT, Monday to Friday.

Monday 10 June.
What are we holding onto? What are the conditions for problematic desires, clinging,
grasping and challenging states of mind?
Tuesday 11 June
Why do we keep telling ourselves to let go but we can’t? Why does our will power rarely work to drop an issue or move on from it? What are the practical steps for letting go?
Wednesday 12 June
Why does understanding make letting go effortless? What do we need to understand to feel an authentic freedom from dependency? What areas do we neither hold onto, nor let go of?
Thursday 13 June
Life unfolds in a process of letting go. The new day arises because life has let go of yesterday – without denying a relationship with yesterday. What is the significance of the relationship of past to present and boundless freedom?
Friday 14 June
Liberation confirms nothing whatsoever is worth being identified with – not even the ‘good’ including dharma, meditation, spirituality and profound experiences. Liberation supports freedom to explore.

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These live classes begin at 7am GMT / 8am CET each morning. Replays will be posted in Sangha Live’s dharma library for viewers in other time zones.

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Do join.

A single insight from within or without can change a life.

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