15 Suggestions for a Baby who cries during the night

Fifteen Suggestions for a baby

who wakes up and cries frequently in the night.

Here is a small opportunity to share first hand experience –  as a father of one, and grandfather of three wonderful youngsters. When the three little ones were very small, all three would sometimes share the same bed with me. It was a challenge. At times, I would be woken up with crying, kicking and bed wetting. I felt sometimes that I had been beaten up by a gang of three. Bless them.  The three, now aged five years, nearly seven and 12 continue to be precious, happy and delightful company. Here are some points of view.

Alphabetical order.

1. Buy a cheap double bed or double mattress on eBay if you are a single parent.

2. Caffeine from coffee goes into baby’s milk.

3. Chant

4. Check that the baby is healthy – teeth? There is a tool for teething. You put it in fridge.

5. Check for bed direction, suitable weight of night clothes, cold and warmth, labels on the neck of baby and elsewhere.

6. Fresh air, walk, day or night. Remember walking up and down meditation.

7. Homeopathic medicine,  herbal teas for parents, lavender near the bed as it is calming.

8. Massage the little one (s).

9. Mum’s stress communicates to baby so maximise times of baby sitters. It is really OK to feel agitated and exhausted.

10. Play gentle music

11. See tips on google for a crying baby. Don’t let others tell you what’s best for you and your baby.

12. Sing to the baby.

13. Tell the baby and yourself that you are here together and neither are going anywhere.

14. Watch TV/movie in the night with the little one (s).

15.  While difficult in the night, remember that the whole experience will change as time goes by.

When the little one cried, I would pick up the baby and chant “Dogs bark, cats meow and babies cry.” It helped!

May all little beings sleep well and soundly.

May all parents sleep well and soundly

May all beings sleep well and soundly.

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