13 Points for Social and Environmental Change

Lists and bullet points serve a useful function as we can easily neglect to address specific areas we wish to address. Doubts about being effective can easily set in when we become reliant on three or four points to create a change.

I take my inspiration for this approach from the Buddha, who offered literally hundreds of lists to communicate the depth and expanse of his teachings.

His well known links include the three jewels, four truths of the noble ones, four applications of mindfulness, five powers of mind, noble eightfold path, 12 links of dependent arising and more.

It is important to remember that a list or bullet set of points serve as suggestions rather than an exhaustive list on the topic.

I have written 13 points for Social and Enviromental Change

  1. To explore constructive engagement.
  2. To understand and change the forces of destructive engagement.
  3. To keep the spirits up of each other.
  4. All media reports of conflict only show a version of events.
  5. The skilful resolution of suffering matters not just views.
  6. Blame is the first step to violence and war or condoning suffering.
  7. Significant movements for major change start with small groups.
  8. Everybody on Earth is inter-connected.
  9. To see people not the labels employed to describe them.
  10. To develop practices to stay calm under pressure.
  11. Not to give power to others by being afraid of them
  12. Keep in regular contact with like-minded people
  13. There is still much to celebrate in life.

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