12 Questions Related to these Times of a Pandemic of Uncertainy

Here are 12 questions. I believe we have many questions to address. Below is a short selection of them.

If we do not ask and explore such questions, we cannot move forward. Confirmation of answers shows in compassionate action, campaigns, protest and unprecedented change.

We will give up, become cynical or try to go back to the old ‘normal.’ The old ‘normal’ were the only conditions that resulted in the present situation.

Every student in the country could address in every college and university in the country. Their future depends upon the response to such questions.

Sadly, we have an education system and a society not fit for purpose.

We need to find our voice.

  1. Does this global epidemic matter more than all the other global health epidemics?  Other health epidemics include viruses, diseases, cancer, heart disease, pollution, obesity, starvation, weak immune systems, addictions, violence and mental health issues.
  2. Who benefits and who suffers from this global pandemic?
  3. Does the impact of coronavirus intensify social divisions between the very wealthy and poor/non-white/white/elderly?
  4. Is the pharmaceutical campaign to rush through a global vaccination a risk to the health of our entire species?
  5. Is belief in a safe global vaccination a distraction from the major issues facing life on Earth?
  6. Should we feel deep concern about the desire of Bill Gates Foundation to enforce global vaccination, control agriculture and determine global population?
  7. Is the covid-19 epidemic a mixture of fact and confusing messages from political and scientific authorities?
  8. It took six months for a global economic depression. Is this a living hell worldwide for the poor, unemployed and low paid?
  9. Why do countries with highest death toll (Brazil, Britain, USA etc) have leaders with a similar personality?
  10. Is Covid-19 AND the massive personal/financial/social impact with us for decade after decade?
  11. Will there be more suffering and deaths from the economic consequences than the virus?
  12. Will there be more suffering and deaths from returning to the old ‘normal?’


1 thought on “12 Questions Related to these Times of a Pandemic of Uncertainy”

  1. Satya McVeity

    Great questions Christopher. I really think we need to be aware of all the possibilities that might be operating . If there is any truth in this story of world domination by the small percentage of the richest people on the planet, then together we might be able to put a halt to the vision and bring forth a better one of truth & juctice. Let’s not have our heads in the sand so we lose any chance of being free. A lot is at stake….like centuries of liberties gained by wars and hard times.

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