10 Reasons why I believe in God

Some of us devoted to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha find it effortlessly easy to find a place for God in the teachings.

We feel free to employ the language of God knowing God fits in harmoniously with the body of the teachings.

Others have no feeling connection with God. Such people also have the freedom to explore the Dharma without any reference to God. 

The Buddha-Dharma-Sangha dwells free from being labelled as theistic, atheistic or agnostic. This is one of the precious and beautiful aspects of the Three Jewels.

10 Reasons why I believe in God

  1. Experiences of the Kingdom of God
  2. God is love, friendship, loving kindness – without limits, without borders
  3. God is compassion – actions of love to reduce or dissolve suffering
  4. God is appreciative joy – the capacity to appreciate all that is magnificent
  5. God is equanimity – the capacity to stay steady in the midst of challenges
  6. God is the Dharma
  7. God is the Foundation of all things
  8. There is the knowing of Godly conduct
  9. The Body of God is the Body of Dharma
  10. God is Infinity and thus God is Immeasurable

May all beings know God

May all beings abide with God

May all beings realise the Immeasurable


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