12 Questions to Meditate on and Enquire into

12 Questions to Meditate on and Enquire into

Teachings and practices include a deep exploration of significant issues of our life.

We have the capacity to see the truth and the reality of situations.

We have the capacity to wake up and come out of the dream of projections and veils that obscure reality through images, standpoints and the made-up mind.

Here are 12 questions. You might read the question slowly and mindfully. Listen deeply to any responses. Do not blindly settle for the first response.

Keep listening to the deep within.

Your being may generate difference responses to bring forth clear comprehension, insights and wisdom to support your daily life.

In Alphabetical order:

  1. What are the Benefits and Limits of Mindfulness?
  2. What confirms an Insight?
  3. What is Compassion
  4. What is Dharma?
  5. What is Happiness?
  6. What is liberation?
  7. What is Love?
  8. What is the Difference Between Thought and Reflection?
  9. What is the difference between Truth and a view?
  10. What Is Trust?
  11. What Matters?
  12. What does Emptiness of self mean?

Be patient. Stay with the question. Keep the question alive. For days, months, years, if necessary.

You know you have gone deep when a valid inner response benefits your perceptions,  attitudes and understanding.

You can also explore the same questions outwardly – with others, use texts, literature and various other expressions of communication.

PS. There are countless questions that matter. Explore questions that matter to you.

May all beings live with clarity

May all beings engage in enquiry

May all beings live with wisdom

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