10 Links to Essays. Mindfulness. Transcriptions. Inquiry. Free Online Course and Interview with Christopher

  1. https://www.christophertitmussblog.org/mindfulness-of-the-coronavirus-covid-19-an-essay-sub-title-part-one-what-was
  2. https://www.christophertitmussblog.org/mindfulness-of-the-corona-virus-an-essay-part-two-what-is
  3. https://www.christophertitmussblog.org/mindfulness-of-the-coronavirus-an-essay-part-three-what-might-be
  4. https://www.christophertitmussblog.org/application-of-mindfulness-in-the-west-part-one-of-two
  5. https://www.christophertitmussblog.org/application-of-mindfulness-in-the-west-part-two-of-two
  6. https://www.christophertitmussblog.org/transcription-of-zoom-conference-on-the-coronavirus-with-israeli-dharma-teachers-part-one
  7. https://www.christophertitmussblog.org/transcription-of-zoom-conference-on-the-coronavirus-dharma-teachers-and-others-in-israel
  8. https://www.christophertitmussblog.org/who-am-i-40-common-views-about-ourselves-with-brief-commentary
  9. https://www.christophertitmussblog.org/join-our-free-online-mindfulness-course-in-times-of-caronavirus-38-short-videos-click-on-link-below-for-comprehensive-information.  Free online Mindfulness Course with 38 short videos for those who Stay-at-Home. Course available on  our Platform and Youtube.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVxyp-oGPdY&feature=youtu.be. Suma Gowda from India and living in USA interviews Christopher in his home. Title: Freedom from Future, Present and Past. 90 minutes.


See link below to music played on BBC Radio on 30 March 2020.

Exquisite and Heart-touching. Based on Solomon’s Song of Songs 2 – one of the most beautiful love letters ever written on this Earth.


A Precious Poem of US poet Mary Oliver (1935 – 2019) on Trees


We spy from time to time a trees standing in its solitary elegance alone in the field.

We, too, can abide too in the dignity of aloneness – an authentic expression of our being. The solitariness develops much strength in the depth of our being.

Brainpickings is one of my Top Ten favourite Websites. Free to join. Founder of the website is Maria Popova (born 1985) from Bulgaria, who writes insightful, inspiring comments and links to poets, authors and literary figures, past and present. She lives in New York. The website explores a range of human issues through our word artists.

Yes, you see a lot of reading above. This is a time of Stay-at-Home.

Make wise use of this time.

You can pass over this PDF to anyone, if you wish.








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