Totnes (UK) holds a silent walk to appeal to a halt to the bombing….

Photos show silent walk up Totnes high street and sharing circle.

We held a silent, single file walk, slowly and mindfully, up Totnes high street, Devon, UK, on Saturday morning to appeal for the end of the hostilities and violence between Israel and Gaza.

The Palestinian Support Group in Totnes (population around 8,000 residents) initiated the walk.

We called for an end to the bombing and the land invasion by the Israeli military on the people of Gaza and the consequential death, maiming and destruction.

Our walk for peace expressed solidarity with numerous cities and towns worldwide demanding an end to the ongoing suffering in Gaza and the West Bank.

We expressed our deepest concern at the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

We called upon the Israeli government to end its stranglehold on the intolerable living conditions of Palestinians.  We recognised the profound concerns of the UN and numerous international aid agencies of the ongoing crisis in Gaza.

We expressed our appreciation to all Israeli citizens campaigning daily to stop the killing and the entrapment of Palestinians.

We acknowledged the fears and anxieties of Israelis owing to the shelling from militant Hamas. We appealed for an end to acts of aggression from both sides to develop channels of communication to heal the nightmare.

Participants included Dharma teachers, peace activists, psychologists, schoolteachers, , Green Party members, Jews and Christians. – A BBC photo of the London peace march on Saturday July 19.


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