The easiest thing is to give money

The easiest thing in the world to give is money. We put our hand in our pocket or purse and hand it over. We write out a cheque. We enter our card number over the phone or online. It takes seconds or perhaps a few minutes at most.

The Buddhist tradition calls it “dana” – the practice of giving, the act of generosity.

These are harrowing days in Pakistan. Floods now cover an area greater than England. The people are in desperate need of fresh drinking water, food, clothing, shelter and medicine. It is a terrible plight for pregnant women, babies, children, young and old alike.

I trust all Facebook friends remember the power of compassion. Please, please check online where to give. Contact Disasters Emergency Committee  or call in UK 0370 60 60 900 or see in your country how to give.

It is hard to comprehend the terrible destruction in Pakistan with more than eight million left homeless, countless deaths, incredible loss of livestock and farming land, and a massive number of refugees pouring into any cities, towns and villages on higher land. We found it hard to comprehend the Tsunami and the earthquake in Haiti. The Pakistani floods are as great a catastrophe. These are the greatest floods over the largest area of land for decades, possibly centuries.

There has been concern that the rich West, both governments and citizens, decline to dig deep to help the people of Pakistan in their time of great need.  The act of the giving expresses what is noble about a human being, confirms a transcendence of the confined self and commitment to the power of the heart’s connection. Please give. Today.