The Dark and Lighter side of British Values

Our media has been going on and on for the past week or two about British values.  Our  Prime Minister believes that there will be “overwhelming support” for the introduction of British values in all of our schools.

He said “British values  should be promoted in every school and to every child in our country.”

Oh no.

He defined British values as a “a belief in freedom, tolerance of others, accepting personal and social responsibility, respecting and upholding the rule of law.”

Dear Mr. Cameron, You might be confused. These are universal values. Yours truly. CT.

Mind you, we can applaud such an initiative for young people to look at British values.

Here are 10 British values the young need to know more about and change. On the dark side:

  1. We value war. We have been involved in more wars than any other country. Our biggest export is arms.
  2. We value the wealth gap.  It has gone back to the levels of the late 19th century.
  3. We value hardship. One in four children in Britain regularly go hungry and cold.
  4. We value pressure.  Muslim families often experience intimidation from the authorities.
  5. We value greed. There is corruption in government, the police, the media and the export industry.
  6. We value spying. We have the most surveillance cameras on our streets per population.
  7. We value rejection. We send asylum seekers back to face execution, torture and sexual violence.
  8. We value gender separation.  We completely segregate boys and girls from various schools, state and public.
  9. We value a full English breakfast, fish and chips, beer and so on. About a quarter of the British population is obese – a burden on our beloved NHS (National Health Service).
  10. We value pointing the finger of blame. Sections of the media and politicians heap blame for the country’s problems on the poor,  immigrants and asylum seekers.

PS. We have the British Museum in London.  Far too much of the British Museum is a warehouse full of stolen goods from the time of the British Empire. We value the spoils of colonialism.

Here are 10 more British values. On the lighter side:

  1. We apologise when somebody bumps into us
  2. We are always talking about the weather
  3. We like living in the past
  4. We like to queue
  5. We like waving at the Queen
  6. We live in a Monty Python culture
  7. We love our poets even though we don’t read them
  8. We make a good cup of tea
  9. We produced the Beatles
  10. We won the World Cup in 1966

Seriously though. Let us develop universal values  in Britain with each other, with our children  and with the global community.  This is the way forward.



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