In Times of Intense Suffering and Pain. Ten Points to Remember and Reflect On

Despair, anguish, sorrow, anger and other deeply distressing states of mind reveal inner torment in times of intense suffering and pain.

50 Mutually Supportive Ways to End War

Ways to end the barbarism and depravity of the violence of the state and organisation.

Both sides in a war live in the perpetual delusion that annihilation of the enemy in the battlefields, in their homes, schools, hospitals and places of worship will stop their rage against them.

War and Suffering in the Ukraine. It Can’t Go on like this. Fifty Mutually Supportive Ways to end Wars. Part 2 of 2.

If you experience resistance to war, then be clear about alternatives to war and develop them.

One Year of War, Suffering and Death in the Ukraine. Is it time to question NATO policy on the war? Here are about 40 Questions. Part 1 of 2.

If we only see a solution that perpetuates suffering, the mind looks blocked, rigid and conditioned.

Today (24 February 2023) marks a year since President Putin of Russia ordered the invasion of Ukraine. This brutal war of attrition has led to an estimated 200,000 deaths and casualties of military personnel, civilians, men, women and children and immense suffering for millions of families in Ukraine and Russia over the loss of loved ones.

The Criminality of War. A Polemic. What is Your Response?

Wars reveal the most savage, brutal and uncivilised form of human behaviour. The sanction of war and its proliferation impacts on every form of human life, triggering extensive destruction of society, culture and the environment. …

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