An Extra String to the Violin. A Poem

When the opportunity allows, I attend the  wonderful concerts of music of the Torbay Symphony Orchestra, conductor Richard Gonski. The Gods of Music uplift our consciousness into the heavenly realms – rich in spirit, rich in joy and rich in appreciation. I wrote this poem a few years ago after one of the concerts in St. John’s Church, Bridgetown, Totnes to go in my next collection of poems for publication. The poem had an extra relevance after attending an evening this weekend of a TSO concert. …

The Gods of Music Speak to Us. An Evening with Torbay Symphony Orchestra

I remember when the sound of classical music seemed far out of reach. I had entered into my 40s and never listened ever to classical music.

I had heard it on the radio, of course, but never actually listened. I had confined my musical interests to rock music without any motivation to listen to any other kind of music. …

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