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Mindfulness of Standing. The Benefits. In the office. On the station platform. On the underground. In a queue.

The Buddha referred to the importance of mindfulness of the four primary postures, sitting, walking, standing and reclining (full length of the body on the floor or bed). Continue reading 

Humans and Trees have much more in Common than What We Imagine. What can we Learn from Trees?

I recall my days as a Buddhist monk in Wat Chai Na (Monastery at the end of the Rice Paddies) outside Nakornsridhammaraj (the City of the King of the Dharma) during the early years of the 1970s. Continue reading 

Five weeks of hiccups. The Cure: 30 Valerian drops and Magnesium.

I had a substantial spicy meal at home. An hour later, I engaged in lots of exercise using rip chords to expand the lungs and the breathing. A mistake. I needed to wait for at least two hours.

The metabolism converting food to energy spiralled into a chaotic state. My diaphragm went into spasms due to food and oxygen constantly colliding with each other triggering intense hiccups. Continue reading