81 Buddhists Speak on the Meaning of Life. A book. Buddha Life. Zenful Life. Nicolae Tanase

 Buddhahood, Buddha Mind, Awakening, Enlightenment, Selflessness, infinite compassion, the highest happiness, vows, merits, the deepest wisdom… What is a life well lived?

The wind in the trees….listen…a Sacred Homecoming. Life….this moment…siting zazen…there is stillness. Like a Mudra….infinitely peaceful…unshaken…life is Silence. Breathing the moment… Does the question make sense? It is a silent mind… it is moonshine…other than this there is nothing you need to know. Awake! At the heart of life itself.

Between 2015 and 2020 I (author) asked more than a thousand renowned and spiritual people from around the world one question: what is the meaning of life? This book is an anthology of eighty-one poised and peaceful answers on the Meaning of Life, written by renowned Buddhists.

Ajahn Buddhadasa of Thailand.1906 – 1993. A selection of video clips

The Ajahn Buddhadasa libray in Thailand kept a collection of video recordings of a range of his teachings. You can now find many of these videos on YouTube. Google YouTube then type Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. You will see a list of them., Ajahn Buddhadasa  is regarded as Thailand’s foremost Dharma teacher of the 20th century. …

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