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The Beatles, the Stones, the Who – a lineage to include Mumford and Sons

There is an endearing element amidst the population, born on these  rainy islands, off the European continent. It is the capacity to produce amazing music bands that uplift the spirit of these islanders with ears to hear. Continue reading 

Let us be still for a few moments. View the Meditation flash mob in London

Watch and listen to  this  beautiful statement through meditation, stillness, music, words and film of our humanity. We, the viewers, witnessed a sacred action, a sublime formation of consciousness, a meditation of the collective present together in Trafalgar Square in the very heart of London in early June, 2011.

The meditators  sat in the shadow of the 50 metre high Nelson’s Column –dedicated to the 19th century English war hero, Admiral Nelson, who lost his right eye and right arm in battle and died in the battle of Trafalgar.  Below a flash mob of meditators sit with their inner eye open to find the way to end conflict. We no longer need war heroes. We need peace heroes, who sit for peace, walk for peace, act and live for peace.

The next meditation flash mob is in Covent Garden market, near The Strand,  in London on June 28th, 2011 from 6:30pm. Beloved Facebook readers. Please go. Please pass the link on to your Facebook friends, family, parents, kids.

May meditation flash mobs develop in other parts of London and different cities. 

Listen on the You Tube clip above to VenThich Nhat Hahn, the saintly and much loved Buddhist monk. He says “May the sound of this bell penetrate deep into the cosmos. Even in the darkest spots living beings are able to hear it clearly and understanding comes to their heart to transcend the path of sorrow and death. The universal Dharma door is already open…….One single drop of this compassionate water is enough to bring back the refreshing spring to our mountains and rivers.


Let us be still  for a few moments

Without moving even our little finger

So that a hush descends upon us.

There would be no place to go,

Nor to come from,

For we would have arrived in this extraordinary moment

There would be a stillness and silence,

That would fill all of our senses,

Where all things would find their rest.

Everything would then be together in a deep connection.

Putting an end to ‘us and them’, this against that.

We would not move in these brief moments

For that would disturb this palpable presence;

There would be nothing to be said nor done

For life would embrace us in this wondrous meeting

And take us into its arms as a loving friend.


A Poem to mark 2600 years since the Buddha’s Enlightenment

  Last month, Buddhists throughout south east Asia, as well as in many other parts of the world, commemorated  the enlightenment of the Buddha on the full moon of May.

 The Buddha gained enlightenment in 588 BCE.  This year marks the 2,600 years of his enlightenment. Continue reading 

Photo shows Voyeuristic Attention in the White House to killing of Osama bin Laden

I took a long hard look at that infamous photograph of President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defence Robert Gates,  General Marshall Brad Webb and all the major voices in the so-called “War on Terror”  seated in the Situation Room in the White House on May 1, 2011. Continue reading 

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