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A Strike, A flight and a Hit Squad

I am due to fly out with British Airways on the overnight flight of Monday, March 29 from London Heathrow to Tel Aviv. Cabin crews of British Airways went on strike for four days last week and another four days starting this weekend including March 29. Continue reading 


Consideration towards inner change includes:

1)      Awakening.  There can be experiences that suddenly transform our whole perception and priorities in a single moment or in certain period in our life.  From that moment, there is a turn around in our consciousness.  It leads to new values, new priorities and the generating of love and liberation in life. Continue reading 

Cross-legged in front of the flat screen

I  have barely made any financial contribution to the Hollywood Film Industry. Between 1990 2010, I entered the doors of a cinema around five times. During these 20 years, I went on three of these occasions to see the feature film (movie) as an act of self-sacrifice, a modest one admittedly. My daughter, Nshorna, my Swedish partner at the time and my mother had persuaded me to go with them to the cinema. Continue reading 

Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, 2010 and two dramas

My arrival in India got off to a slow start at New Delhi railway station on January 22, 2010. The Rajdhani Express from New Delhi to Gaya took 30 hours instead of 12 hours. I spent the night on the platform with my shawl as a mattress , a sleeping bag as a duvet and the edge of my small backpack (with laptop etc) as a pillow. Continue reading 

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