Don’t bite on the GM apple


We have been enduring more than 20 years of promises from scientists in the food industry that genetically modified GM) crops will produce the Garden of Eden.

We were given wonderful assurances about the incredible benefits of GM food –

strawberries that would not rot,

orchards resistant to frost

crops that would not need chemical sprays or fertilisers,

crops totally resistant to insects and other plants (weeds),

genetically modified plants with additional vitamins for a healthier diet

much greater yields for every acre of GM crops

plus GM food would feed the world’s poor.

and, oh yes, and GM crops would prevent tooth decay.

We were told that the alteration of the DNA of crops through genetic engineering would provide cheap food for everybody through greater yields. We were assured of the Promised Land.

What are scientists telling us today?

All GM crops depend on oil based fertilizer and pesticides to be able to grow.

GM crops cause more pollution, not less.

Pro-GM, US Department of Agriculture acknowledges that GM crops do not increase yield potential.

GM crops often have a lower yield than organic crops.

A UN report by scientists concluded that GM crops have little to offer.

GM food/feed joins asbestos and tobacco as unhealthy for humans and unnecessary for the environment.

Female rats fed Roundup Ready soybeans, grown and marketed by Monsanto, gave birth to severely stunted pups.

Food allergies increased by 50% for those who used GM soya products. Soya is found in 60% of all processed food in the UK.

Scientists have expressed concern about the safety of GM foods. Tests show GM foods contribute to irritable bowl syndrome, skin complaints and digestive problems

GM food in the USA does not have to be tested for safety. If it looks like organic food, according to the US Department of Agriculture, then it is seen as the same food and thus free from health checks.

Scientists and the public in the European Union have largely resisted the determination of American agro-business to flood EU member countries with GM seeds.

So the American agri-business has turned its attention to Africa, Asia, Central and South America to sell GM crops. The aim of these bio technology companies is to gain control over all the Earth’s food production – crops, fruit and vegetables forcing the world’s farmers to buy all seeds on an annual basis from the food industry. Genetically modified crops are made to grow for a year and then die. Farmers then have to go back to the company to purchase fresh seeds. GM seed sellers have descended on the developing nations persuading poor farmers to give up traditional organic ways of farming and adopt the policies of GM food companies.

Using charts, photographs and initially offers of cheap GM seeds, company salesman persuade groups of farmers in public meetings in countries around the world to plant GM seeds. Nestles, the Swiss multi-national, uses similar strategies, to get pregnant women and new mothers in Africa and elsewhere to buy Nestles milk powder to feed their babies instead of using milk from the breast. Pictures and short films of happy, chubby Western babies are very persuasive. Once farmers and mothers swallow the sales pitch of multi-national companies there is no turning back.

The companies are gradually forcing patents on seeds, plants , animals and their genes knowing full well GM seeds gradually adversely affect bio diversity. Organic life is becoming a commodity to buy, sell and manipulate as part of the globalisation movement. Genes are being moved between plants, animals and humans in endless experiments in scientific laboratories.

Don’t bite on the GM apple. Eat naturally grown food. Support your local market, not your supermarket.

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