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Theravada and the Therapeutic

I engaged in some wishful thinking in a 10,000 word article I wrote for the last Dharma e-News titled “Is Psychotherapy a distant cousin of the Dharma.”

I wrote: “The concept of ‘Therapy’ derives from ‘Theravada.”

I should have written “The concept of ‘Therapy’ does not derive from ‘Theravada.

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Overturning the Begging Bowl

As a former Buddhist monk, I bow down with the greatest respect and reverence to the thousands of Burmese monks who silently and respectfully walked the streets of cities and towns of Burma to communicate unequivocally their profound disapproval of the treatment of the citizens of the country by the military government.

I saw the picture of a senior monk in Rangoon with an upturned begging bowl leading a march with thousands of monks following in his steps. It was an extraordinary picture. Continue reading 


The Limits of Sitting Meditation


I was having a cafe latte with Reza in the funky Barrel coffee shop in the top end of Totnes high street, just a few minutes walk from my home. For years, I sat in the corner window seat reading beloved French philosophers, Nagarjuna, a continental novel, scribbling down a poem, people watching or having a lengthy conversation on every issue under the sun with people who dropped in to share a seat at the same table. Continue reading