Retreat Environments

Three Retreats in Germany. i. 30 June to 6 July. one hour from Munich. ii. 29 July-4 August. iii. 4-9 August, 2023. 60 minutes from Bonn.

Six Reflections. Zoom. Saturday 17 June 2023 at 8 am CET. Mindfulness Teacher Training Course. Taster Session. Zoom. Tuesday 20 June 9 pm CET.

Six Reflections for Daily Life

Service before self. Teachings before teacher. Yes. Wait a minute. What about Saturday 10 June 2023?

I speak on Saturday 10 June 2023 at 9 am on West Coast of USA) and 17.00 in the UK AND 18.00 in the EU. Hosted by Awakin Calls.  Free. Open to All. …

Are You Ready to Develop Mindfulness to become an Agent of Change?

Explore the basics of mindfulness practice to deepen and expand the application of mindfulness. A mindfulness training offers practical ongoing benefits for those dealing with stress and the associated challenges of daily life. …

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