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Retreat Environments

Namaste to Bodh Gaya and all its amazing eccentric pilgrims and seekers

It is probably not an exaggeration to say that millions have attended the various kinds of Buddhist retreats worldwide, ranging in length from weekends to years, in the past 35 years that the various traditions have made available.  Every retreat offers teachers and participants a challenge. Perhaps our retreats in Bodh Gaya have been unique in the sheer variety of challenges to teachers and participants compared to the West. Continue reading 

When a nine year old enters the rainforest ….

Kye, my nine-year-old grandson, accompanied me on a month long trip in November, 2010, to Australia where I offered Dharma teachings and visited family. Kye met his 90-year-old great grandmother. With the approval of his school in south Devon,   Kye could leave behind the laminated wooden desk of his classroom for the rain forest of Yarrahapinni running down to the edge of the Pacific Ocean in New South Wales. Continue reading 

How far do you walk each day?”

Kye, my nine-year-old grandson and I, arrived home on Monday night after the 10th annual French Dharma Yatra conducted in the foothills of the Pyrenees, not far from Limoux. We dumped our tents, backpacks and daypacks on the floor at home, cooked up a bit of food. Kye took a long soak in the bath and slept for around 12 hours. Continue reading 

Sixty reasons plus one to love India

On the long train journey from New Delhi to Gaya, late due mostly due to fog, I wrote down 60 reasons to love India  after reading an article in the Sunday Times of India  in the home of Prama and Ranji on 60 reasons for the people of India to love India. Continue reading 

Some modifications for the Sarnath Programme

We completed our 11th Dharma Gathering in Sarnath, near Varanasi, India. The Buddha gave the first turning of the Dharma wheel in Sarnath to five yogis. We are turning the wheel as well with around 70 to 80 participating. Many live a nomadic way of life through regular visits to India and the East for weeks, months and for some years. Continue reading