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Do the poor pay for the greed of the rich?

Bankers, governments and the media, who exercise such influence over our working and financial lives, have peddled the view on a daily basis for decades that market freedom (capitalism rebranded) generates wealth for all. I consider it a fiction, a lie, a public deception, propaganda at the expense of the poor at home and abroad. Continue reading 

Depressesd? Don’t Ask Why. That takes time. Take a Pill

The question is: Is our society getting more depressed year by year? I read some alarming figures in the newspaper the other day that prescriptions for anti-depressants have almost doubled in the last decade. Continue reading 

Oil and the Feeding of Desire

We have read in our newspapers of the human and environmental tragedy as hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil pour into the ocean making it a toxic wasteland as well as the coastal devastation of the Louisiana wetlands. Continue reading