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A beautiful Thai Forest Monastery, Wat Pa Tam Wua. Dedicated to support Meditators. See link and five photos

I hear regularly appreciative reports of Wat Pa Tam Wua , a monastery for Vipassana (Insight Meditation), 37 kilometres from Mae Hong Son province in northern Thailand. We approach the end of 2022.

Some of the Sangha of Meditators has in itch in its feet. The East beckons. A retreat beckons. There is a shift from lockdown to open up.  Here is a Thai monastery to consider. Continue reading 

Christopher Titmuss e-News. December 2022

How to Handle an Angry Person

It is important to remember that the anger in the mind of an individual dominates their perceptions. Anger engages in the production of fake news, lies, projections and distortions. Anger gives a sense to the person of being alive and having a cause to promote. There is also a deep-rooted need for attention. Continue reading 

Are You Free? Eight Questions

Here are Eight Questions, plus One. Please reflect on each question. Listen deeply, See what arises. You could take one question a day. Does any response arise? Accept the challenge? Life is too short to miss the freedom you can find right now without a change in personal circumstances. Continue reading 

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