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1. Last month, I got back from Israel. I’ve been going there for 15 years, and twice a year for several years. Along with Stephen Fulder, Tovana (the Israeli dharma organisation) and a growing network of people dedicated to the dharma, we have been and continue to be part of a dharma journey together. Continue reading 



I regularly watch television documentaries especially on international issues. I experience a level of interest much stronger when I have walked the earth of that country, felt its presence through my senses and listened to the voices of the people. In some places, such as Jerusalem and Nablus, the main Palestinian town of the West Bank. I know the streets and shops. There is a certain intimacy when watching a television documentary filmed in such places. Continue reading 



I wrote on the blog a few days ago about Naikan Therapy that asks three core questions to resolve inner issues about somebody else. Remember there is no 4th question in the Naikan approach!


I reflected on the value of this approach and came up with six questions for people in an intimate relationship. The questions can serve as a simple checklist. They are down to earth, practical and not idealistic.


  1. Is there trust when we are together and when we are apart?
  2. Is there a deep friendship between us?
  3. Do I enjoy the different levels of intimacy we share?
  4. Am I willing to acknowledge and explore the different expressions of my partner’s love?
  5. Am I willing to acknowledge and explore the different expressions of my partner’s hindrances to love?
  6. Am I willing to acknowledge and explore in myself further expressions of love and examine my hindrances to love?


If you say YES to all six, then you are blessed with a loving, deepening and expanding relationship.
What if one or more of these questions remain unresolved, rather than just temporary blips?
If you say NO to one or two, then your relationship certainly needs some reflection, and a change of attitude.
If you to say NO to three, four or five questions, then there is a lot of inner work ahead.
If you say NO over a period of time to all six questions? Forget it. Start a new life.



With CNN and Fox television, there is no pretence presumably whatsoever of impartiality.


The pro Israel/US bias, as with other areas of conflict, corrupt their television reports. I have talked with the Palestinians who had lived in the forlorn hope that the West will wake up to their traumatic situation and stop the criminal treatment that the Israeli military mete out on Palestinian adult and children alike. Generally, their hope has given way to despair. They show dignity under duress. Continue reading 



There is no point to life, nor of itself,

for it knows not its direction,

where it is going,

nor where it has come from.


It cannot move from where it is,

yet it never stands still;

It is a strange thing,

this unfolding process

that neither stand still

nor goes anywhere

nor abides in random togetherness.


Yet, we who call ourselves humans remain

deluded in giving a point to the pointless,

who sing a song of purpose

while playing second fiddle in an orchestra without a conductor.


There is no point to existence,

no purpose in abstracting something

to what cannot lead anywhere

nor abide where it is.


There is a relief to all of this,

for it dissolves the pressure to be here and now

or to use the here and now

to get somewhere else that is not here and now.


There is no point to being here

and there is no point to being anywhere else,

no wonder there is only time to dance!

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